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Allo Paris@Damansara Perdana

Tuesday, 25 October 2011
Bonjour!Here come my favourite,Eiffel Tower!!hmm,surprisingly there is a new restaurant situated in Damansara Perdana and themed in my dreamland-Paris and my eiffel tower:))))The day i visited to this place,she is still four-days old new born baby!
The menu

Inner view of the restaurant.
Can you find eiffel tower?

Great view from my seat.hahaha.

My caramel milkshake.

Cold drink in eiffel tower!!
Awesome right!

Honey Balsamic Chicken 
From the menu:Juicy and tender slow roasted chicken breast glazed with honey and balsamic vinegar, served with a side of our very own yam puree and buttered broccoli.

This is awesome!
First time trying yam puree and it's taste fanstastic,and i find it better than the mashed potato:)the buttered broccoli also make me can't resist it and the main point is I dont take green vege!;P
I'm drooling again!!!

Hmm,we were waiting this to served and seems like they have forgotten our order and they add-on the fried shrimps for us.For me the shrimps wasn't that fresh since i might used to have the super-fresh seafood.maybe they should serve the lemon slice together to perfect the dish.

There was a heavy downpour during our meal and we were stucked in the restaurant.Sadly that i miss the chance to take photo with the eiffel tower outside the restaurant.Hmm,but never mind, i hope that i will make my next visit to there very soon again!

je t'aime!!

6 comments on "Allo Paris@Damansara Perdana"
  1. Thanks for yet another awesome food review.....

  2. OMG! It's awesome!!! I must go there when I go back to MY~haha~ your pictures really nice :)

  3. Anonymous:You'r welcome:)hope you like it!

    Caramel:Thanks for your support always too:D you should come back and try it!!asap haha

  4. Allo Ms Hanjie Chia!

    Thanks for dropping by at our new restaurant and the wonderful review.

    Your pictures look awesome!

    Our apologies on the Calamari, noted on the lemon wedges and also the freshness of the shrimp.

    Will notify our chefs about this so that we will not disappoint you on your next visit!

    Cheers & Thanks!

    Allo Paris

  5. To Allo Paris,

    Great food, great ambience.

    The only problem with our food during our dine in are the size of the black pepper as every bite you take to a dish gives you the feeling of biting into the pepper which will cause some discomfort to some customer in the future.

    I will definitely dine in again.

  6. the food sucks. the waiters r clueless. only saving grace is the cheap pricing. my 1st and my last time.