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House moving.

Sunday, 21 October 2012
Hey everyone,as you know i'm moving this blog to 

Do support me there ok:)

Love ya!

I own Xiao Bai for a day!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I was too bored at home then my mom said i can "had" her friend's poodle for a day or perhaps help taking care for her few days since she will be at outstation.I was extremely excited because it is my dream to own a doggie!How lovely is she;D

Once stepped into my house,he acted like the investigator and running here and there in my house.I think she is excited to meet me because i'm as playful as like her,lol!I got her two pinky fluffy toys and start playing with him.She is energetic and eventually i'm more tired than him haha.This doggie is too clever,he will start stick to you when he saw you holding a plate or munching,what a great food detector haha.You must be strong enough to resist the big round puppy eyes and avoid to feed him human foods.

After playing for few hours,he tired i also tired.He realized that no people going to bother him anymore and hide under the table and rest.haha.Very soon,I found him at the doorstep looking outside with the emo face and i think he start missing home already.If not he will came to me and bark and lead me to the door like telling me "Please bring me home!!"

Who knows,this little thingy ran out from the door once my dad back from work and I'm also rushed out from home and chasing him on the big road.The worst thing is the more you call his name he ran even faster lol.Luckily he found his spot to pee then i only managed to carry him home.Or else i will killed by the owner.Still,it doesn't belong to me.

This Xiao Bai was totally fully recharged in outdoor.I tied him and walk him within the gate and let him play on my grass.Maybe he kept in indoor too long and never take a fresh air hence he looked even happier and cute.Not like other doggie,he kinda obey to me and never made noise when i brought him home.Perhaps i'm the person spoil him,he started to follow me everywhere and be my little pengikut haha.Well,the feeling is not bad!

Actually my dad hate pets and Xiao Bai is too brave to go near my dad.I think my dad failed to resist the little cute things and he also started play with him haha.Tell me who can resist their puppy face!!!especially the face he begging for ba gua from my dad,how adorable he is.Tam Chiak dog!

Eventually Xiao Bai still back to his owner's side and i feel so empty once i said goodbye to him.He had given me a very special day in my life and help me passed one of the boring day in my sem break.I want a doggie badly:(

I'm back

Wednesday, 4 July 2012
Blogger is kinda stupid because i found my latest post was disappeared like it nv updated and i have to rewrite it.#wth

Yeah,as you seen,I've redesigned my blog background and hmm re-link for my blog too.Well idk,maybe I'm too free and relax therefore I think I should start my blogging life like how I used to be.

You know,when the social network become indispensable in yr life,actually it's kinda scary.You have too much platform to share yr current status and upload the photos anytime and causes me have lesser time and chance to look deeper and think from different view indirectly.and yeah,not to mention,studies had also eaten up most of my time for this half year.

 Bla bla bla so much is just wanted to say,sorry C'estLaVie.i neglected you too long and I have such a long time never feed my readers(perhaps there are some at least,I hope)Who know I will addicted to that photography apps which contains so much interesting filters,lol!INSTAGRAMS is my bloggie's most threatening enemy lol!!here come some little ads-follow me @hanjiechia

It's July and i wish everything goes well since it suppose to be a great month for me.but still,no expectation no disappointment.The most important things is still score better in the final exam and enroll the degree course in Sept.Now i spend my sem break at hometown but this is the ohmygod place for me.I miss home but i can't stay the place without entertainment and fooooodssss!Sem break is nice but killing me :///////

Truth is i can't type back the exactly same previous post.That's all for this time and all crap i know!


Saturday, 2 June 2012






Wednesday, 16 May 2012

1.Don't apologize for the tears you've cried.You've been way too strong now for all your life.

2.Being nice to someone you dislike doesn't mean you are fake,it means you are mature enough to tolerate  your dislike towards them,

3.If you do right,no one remember ;if you do wrong,no one forget.

4.This world doesn't make sense anymore.

5.How would you feel being rejected?Not only once.

6.I find happiness in the simplest thing.

7.It's just a bad day,not a bad life.

8.I'm not an unhappy person.I'm just tired of the same routine and people and the bullshit they bring.

9.Close your eyes,clear your heart.Let go.

10.WTF.where the food.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Real me in room,lol.

I need someone help me to kill the lazy worms which growing inside my body and mind.I'm not lazy perhaps.I'm not in mood. tsk tsk tsk,what a bad excuse.I have lost the motivation to do my work.I wish to get a better grade but i fail and fail.I was quite depress inside my heart and my tears almost dropped every time i get my english paper back.I have to pretend and not make myself look weaker and useless in class.I know there are people looking down on me but again,who cares and better dont care.It's too tired to compete,for me.I'm not in mood seriously,and i need retail therapy/food to cheer me up.When i only can end all these shits in my life!I want graduate,i want money,i want freedom so much!

Who cares.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012








我不開心,but who cares?

Antonelli Crossaints

Monday, 27 February 2012
  Bought this Antonelli Croissants in Mercato@Pavillion last weekend.Maybe i'm one of the katak di bawah tempurung,i never see croissants can be "preserved" and "packed",considered as instant food.I always thought croissants should be fresh made and come out warm from the oven,lol.

It comes with chocolate filled, and also apricot flavour if not mistaken.

One pack cost me for rm9.99,which contain 8 croissants inside.hmmm, rm10/8=rm1.25 each,still reasonable for my daily breakfast with hot milo;O

So today i tried it!!

I heat up it by microwave since i want the "just freshly baked"croissants.It tasted ok,but a bit dry maybe due to the long preservation.Chocolate filled is just nice and rich:)

Anyway,freshly baked breads is still the best and this could be always be the backup in bags or travelling.esp people who like me#foreverhungry.Another nice unhealthy food again.but still,it's difficult to find any food which is "healthy"and "safe" in the market nowadays.People will still die someday,eat first then only think,haha!!

Feed me food!

Sunday, 26 February 2012
 It was a sunny Sat,went to Ben's @Klcc to treat my tummy a feast since she never feel satisfied recently.#kuatmakan.After taking me so long time,finally i step into the restaurant.The ambience is nice with the soft music,for sure the food here is awesome too!

Can you find your fav from here?:)

 Beverage menu

 Ang moh family breakfast.

 Pesto spaghetti and apple everflower juice.

 Coffee,tea or me ;)

 Spicy buffalo wings
Oh i like chicken wings all the time!!

Chunky mushroom soup.
What a huge portion!

 Mushroom chicken pie.

We ordered too much and can't finished it at all though the foods are so nice.I'm quite satified but the service here should have some improvement.

Dang-rang-rang,and then we went to Charlie Brown's cafe for Hi-Tea.Was much excited since I'm the snoopy fans and i'm thinking that playing my Snoopy Street's fair while sitting inside must be very coooooooool,lol.hahahaha.

Are you ready?

 Ceiling lamp.
Woodstock is always the cutest yellow birdie,hee!

The food here are ermmmmmm normal,and kinda expensive.They should have something special on food.I'm kinda disappointed on this because i feel im just dine in in a different theme cafe without any surprise#failed.Inside is quite packed with the self-service customers and staff,feeling suffocating.Hmm,anyway just another new things in life haha!Perhaps the flagship in Penang nicer than this:D

Sushi was fed during dinner,instant noodle for supper and Prosecco#drinker.
One and half bowl of Spicy Pan mee plus Coffee Bean and Ninja Joe,now munching my Japanese Pizza,mum mum....

But truth is i never feel full!!!:(
Feed me please!


Monday, 6 February 2012
Big breakfast@TDH,TTDI

Craving for the Big Breakfast,i dont mind to have it on my bed once i open my eyes.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Sunday, 15 January 2012

I love RED.

Meow meow here & arff arff there

Friday, 6 January 2012
Take me home,meow~

I'm kinda bored in home during this sem-break.All my brothers back to school and there is the only pity me in home with parents.sigh,how wish i have a companion now since there is not much entertainment in hometown.

I'm bored with my facebook,drama and Ipad games,somehow i need a real living stuff with me.Hence,i think back of my dreams--own a pet,kitten?hahaha.There are friends used to describe me look like a cat,hmmm because of my eyes?doubt it.but i do know there are numbers of people love doggie more than the proud look cat.I love both and my bunny,haha!

I promise myself to have a doggie when i able to afford,or own my own place.So i can let the cutie run all over my place.Lying on my thigh,acc me watching tv together.Or he will wagging his short tail,jumping when heard me back from work.

When I'm feeling down,he will looking at me with the big,round innocent eyes.Telling me that he will be there for me no matter what.He would be the best listener or companion,i believe.Dog is a man's best friend and we all know the dog loyalty can reach a fascinating level.
This tiny things will gonna be my best friends,best partner and my dearest kid.

My kitty and puppy will be the best friend
I'm going to train my doggie to sayang the kittie with all his love.hahaha!

Sad to tell,i can only afford the hot dog currently:P

and the Snoopy in my Ipad!!

It's ok,something better than nothing.hahahahahahahaha!!

New year=new resolutions?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

It's finally another new year.

wth,im 22 from now.

I spent my most of my time for travelling between KL and Johor in this new year and new month.Journey is tiring and the only best thing is it's not my time yet to back to Uni:D.Thanks god that i have another month to enjoy my precious holiday for being a non-stop eating pig or sleeping beauty,hahaha!

New year means need to have new year resolutions? usual,i will wish everyone surround me stay healthy and happy.For me,i wish i can get better grade in studies and enroll into degree programme smoothly.else,wishing my life can get better with lesser hard feeling and tears,sounds so simple yet so difficult.

I did set a wish-list for myself last year,and i realise that i get everything in my list surprisingly/some not in the list when i check back on it.*HAPPY!I'm not going to be a greedy girl this year.I promise myself to save more money in this new year.Main reason-- i'm gonna killed by mom if i continue to shop.haha.So i pray hard that there is no world end in 2012,if not where am i going to spend my money,lol.

Actually,i still feel the same.Life is hard and you will never get what you want in your life always. to stay positive?any idea?

Anyway,happy belated new year!!
2012,please be nice to me!!!!