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Life is all about EAT!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hmm hmm,let me announce a great (maybe?) news first for everyone-month,"I'm gaining weight within one and it's 5kg!!"This photo shows that i never cheat,because i was so shocked too when i see this photo,i wonder since when my face look so chubby and my arms is so erm erm.

Went back to hometown and i finally stand on the weight scale,it showed "50.4kg".i was shouting inside my heart and weight myself again--it's so unbelievable.I told mom and she give me the face "don't cheat people larrr!"then ask me to prove her.haha.But i admit that i did eat quite a lot since i study in Taylors,haha.for sure,my wallet slimming down quite a lot too:P


Visited to The Boathouse@TTDI for dinner before i went back to hometown.It located next to Tom,Dick&Harry's,their style and outlook are quite look alike.I'm not really remember the dishes title but i know i feel full after had the dinner there.we order quite a lot and the portion is just nice.

Let me find out and add-on,hee.

I love this mushroon soup:)

 The spaghetti with potato ball,turkey ham...
but i can't find spaghetti inside XD

This is the most sinful!
sausages,the ham?,and the bacons,mashed potato all in one big plate.

I visited a lots of new places,new restaurants to satisfy my big stomach and i find myself back.Hanjie used to be that girl who eat non-stop and complaining "I'm hungry!!"and I'm back now:))

Anyone wanna bring me for buffet?i guarantee this time i won't let them earn my money!:P

Glad to say,I met lots of new friends and people in/outside my school and they make my life.I treasure and appreciate what I'm having now,indeed.

I love you all

Out from classroom.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011
Taylor's student look:P

We FNBE july intake students had just went site visit to National Art Gallery@Tmn Titiwangsa and the Museum.It didn't excite me since i understand there must be another new assignments for us.Hence today i have to complete the collage and sketches,sigh.i should complete all the sketches asap.fine,I'm far away from topic.I was damn sleepy during the journey since i didn't sleep well the previous night but i still manage have quite a fun time with my friends.

Hui Joo and Me.
We sit together and i consider she is the most closest friend in my uni life currently since we are in the same group and we almost spend whole day together.She is kind and warm:)

Random shot of the gallery.

Another cute girl i know:).Hmm,you should test her memory,hahaha.

Left and Right.

Heart this photo.<3

Wei Chiap(Julius)
My another group member.He is talented in drawing and i dislike when he say"I'm not good in drawing larrr."I enjoy telling jokes with him,hahahahaha.

Curi capture punya,shhhh.

I wonder what is this??

It would be quite scary if u can see so many little kids sit on the chair in circle....

No photography,but i don't care.

I whip my hair back and forth,oh my gosh.hahahahaha!

    Below start:Museum


Another Alice I just met:)


Lastly is my girls'photo and there are few i can't get the chance to have photo with them.but never mind i know this journey will be long and we have so many times and chances to make it out.:))

Poco Zakka & Kitchen@Sunway Giza

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Visited to Poco Homemade again today and they having another outlet@Sunway Giza.It just located behind the Fullhouse.This outlet is bigger and having more seat compare with the Bangsar one.The feeling still remain same,cozy and relax and i finally tried the Homemade Tofu Cake,heee;)

the entrance is almost same like the bangsar outlet.

It's not real.:X

Inner view.
not so much different and luckily today not so much of customers.i did enjoy the peace and silence there.
My honey ice and homemade tofu cake.
it taste nice and i fall in love with it.light tofu smell tasted with the digestive cookies did serve my tongue well;P.everyone should have a try on it.
Green tea ice cream with almonds.

Share you some inner view:

Here are all the zakka stuff.hmm,all bery hanjie.haha

Socks doll.little teddy bear.:)

My dreamland-Paris.the map will let me get lost.

This time i still bring my Patrick out and i assume he feel excited.because he supposed to love what i love too.It's a nice place to calm me down,so when i get my little car,i can complete my work or online,sounds so nice!!

If you can't get the way to the Bangsar outlet,maybe you should try out this place with your friends.hi-tea or have your birthday celebration here.I swear it's be the best memories you ever had!

See you peeps!:)