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Two is better than one.

Sunday, 10 April 2011
I'm guai-guai lui:)

This gonna be just a simply update.

Ish,me this hairstyle is kinda "doesn't look nice"!it make me look like a nerd or kampung girl or silly girl.but that's not the point.hmm hmm.yea,this weekend is so precious because this is the only weekend which belong to me in this April.yea,i have to work,so sad.for sure i had spent days with my lovely girlfriends.tired but fun!

We went to 6 shopping malls on Saturday and thank god give us luck that he never let us wait for the public transport for too long!!this did save us a lot of time and we can have more fun time tgt!I didn't shop so much this time since i'm not bringing so much money paper and there's nothing in my list temporary.haha.Alice is the biggest winner of that day,and so do i.i get so much laughters from them and  such a long time i never feel so relax and happy with my friends.

Message to Alice and Wingmei:
Stop jealous me because i have a rich,handsome,smart boy love me so much.i know it's a bit too much since i apply birdnest for mask,spring water for shower,sakura flower for facial,and boy love me for sure he'll love my friends too,so don't worry,i know sharing is caring!if you girls facing some difficulties,tell me and we'll help you to solve the problem!and feel free drop by watsons to visit and support me!don't go guardian okay.haha!

Yoo,chatime kaki.haha:D

 I saw this Eiffel Tower in Salabianca,Sunway Pyramid.
oh oh my god!i wanna bring it home and sleep with me every night!!*sob's too expensive that i can't bring you home,sorry!!i'll stand under you someday in Paris,wait for me!

Watched "Don't go breaking my heart" today,and me teared!so mad that why that silly girl don't choose my Louis Koo.ish ish.haih,miss my another louis koo in college.haha.ok lar,me joking only.the movie is not bad,but i love Rio and Hop more.haha.

The last photo of day@Snowflakes,ss15.

gonna say goodbye to my weekend soon.bur-bur my holiday:(

tmrw have to work in dialysis,another new experience.this posting is educating me how to be indepedent,because most of the time we have no partner,and no longer form in group to work together.sigh,this spell a word called "l-o-n-e-l-y".i dont feel like having lunch alone!and nobody talk to me whole day and my mouth gonna be smelly!

I'm start thinking my life after graduate.nurse?

2 comments on "Two is better than one."
  1. I know you won't get to lonely for sure.:)
    By the way, I really miss the time we spent in hostel.Those stupid and funny stuffs what we did.Lol

  2. i miss those days too..
    we should meet someday:)