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Kinda messy as like my hair.

Monday, 28 March 2011

hair is getting longer and out of style.

it make me look so auntie and ugly.i can't tolerate with messy hair already!
i wanna cut it before posting by this week!

it's monday tmrw,blue+exam mode is on.
luckily nandos is waiting for me on tuesday and i gonna to be squeeze out their whole extra hot peri-peri sauce.haha.
i want shopping,movie,delicious food and more private(means not occupied for exam or other meaningless activities) in this week.and also the following April.haha

took nap but still feel sleepy.
and just finished up my crispy dove chocolate bar.fatty me again.
Oh yea,me had a nice and pleasant sunday today!

gonna hide in my blanket and pillowSS soon.

A sweet dessert

Sunday, 27 March 2011
Hee,this is not my first time share this unique website,but recently i just can't control myself to play it since i need something to pass know what,i know this game when i was only 14. my ex-roomate introduced it to me:)

Ferryhalim is having a collection of flash game with cute and nice design,soothing and pleasant background music.the games are not difficult to play and you definitely will love it.out of so many games,my favourite is always the Winterbells,and it also the most popular among the games.and follow for my Bumble Bee and Pocketful of Stars,and many many!you should try all and tell me do you love winterbell most,haha.

this is after finish loading.
and this is the tutorial.

see the birdie there?it will help you to double your marks!

Bumble Bee,catch the bee with bubbles!

and here are some photo from internet:)

I hope you enjoy with it,so do i.<3
so i'm con't with my jumping bunny again.haha.
i wanna break shuzhen's record!!

I do need some peace.

Saturday, 26 March 2011
Thank god it's weekend.

and finally today i managed to take photo with my dusty camera.exam and stress make me no time to keep memories with it.and she crying over there because of my ignorance.

"historical"place(ss15,subang jaya)
 may bring you something wonderful and perfect,

like 100% pan mee in my heart.

It  make me laugh.
remind me there are many things still worth to treasure.
let go those sadness and start a new life.
because i should love myself more.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I heart you:)

Fatty diary.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Oh,do you like big breakfast?haha.

I think you heard the news from Mcdonald that they are giving out the coupon(they do accept black and white printing),you can get two set of big breakfast for free when you spend rm5 and above,the promotion is still on going till 31 March:)

This is my lunch for today,hmm hmm,not only one,i get myself two set and it make me kinda disgustful.*puke.haha.the muffin is like rubber,the sausage is acceptable,the egg will be nicer if served when still warm.haha.initially i thought me myself can finish two set since i'm so starve like a wolf.and i start feel vomiting halfway already.and shuwei is "chopping" the scrambled eggs with her fork and act puking on it.see how grossly the breakfast is.

actually it's not that bad.maybe we bought it before 11 and only had it during lunch time.they are "cool-ed" under the aircond,that's why so yucky.i think i'll stop having it,but there still a voucher sleeping inside my wallet.wondering how should i do.hee.

me so unhealthy this two days.sigh.yesterday i had subway for my lunch and Mcd set for my dinner,fingers for snack and again Mcd for lunch today.fastfood is causing me fatter faster!!so i'll stay away from fast food from now.instead,i have almost consume 6 eggs within 12 hours.I'm stick with high cholesterol,high protein and high calorie now.

What should i eat during dinner time later?instant noodle maybe.another way to die faster.

Going to prepare my paediatric exam!
and i'm having another bright day today:D

March,with laugh and tears.

Monday, 21 March 2011
Hey,March is gonna end in two weeks time soon.Time is passing fast and I'm getting older.

Actually,I'm not really doing well in this is getting harder and i have to describe as the life is killing me!!I'm always those emo people,write emo sentence,face also let people thought i'm diagnosed cancer-going to die soon.*touch wood touch emo cause lots of problem to me,and i always feel so sorry to my friends. they have to be my side when i'm down.

but to who people who reading this,don't you tortured by life too?friends,studies,course,posting,family,hostel,money,meals...*sigh.

whatever,my mood is superb nice now,so i'm not going to touch any unpleasant incident/maybe accidents which happenning recently.heeee:)

First,after waiting for so long,i finally bought a new laptop for myself!I'm not here to show off because i would like to share my happiness with you<3.i'm really happy to have mad in love my Apple Macbook Pro:)thanks mom and dad and me myself,haha!now there are another deleted item in my wishlist,so i'm gonna grab the rest greedy am i.

Till now,i'm so enjoy with capture the funny photo by using Photo booth.everytime looking back those ugly photos i'll laugh till die!!I share some with you.haha

Obese Me@Empire.

Fool me and sz in art/

 Alien me and lingling,haha.
i love this na!!

my youngest brother,huuuu!

Another thing and also the most important one,i got my Stefanie Sun's latest album too!initially i thought she wont release it in M'sia since we can't find in market on 8th Mac.somehow after days we bought it at popular bookstore with member's price,somemore there are free gift available too!oh my gosh,i'm fainted soon!haha!

It's the time to love you!!

I get my 21st birthday gift(still early i know,i'm july babe!)from my parents.
it's a must gift when you're 21,i know you know what is that.a key necklace.haha.

it means a lot to me anyway.i love it and sure i'll wear it to anywhere and anytime because it's a precious gift from my beloved parents.i always put them in first position,and i appreciate them to love me,protect me till today.if can,i wish to be their daughter again in next life...

So,it's still another month filled with happiness.
Be me and my friends..

When you smile..

Thursday, 17 March 2011




OH,it's monday soon!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Haha,scary photo for you at midnight~

Initially i wanna hide in my room to study,since i'm not really put effort for this bones subject.and so accidentally i feel like on my lappie and surf net.and so another accidentally i'm doing mask and i capture a photo for myself!haha!forgive me that i'm so errrr.XD.

i have to pamper myself with delicious meal tmrw since i'm so stress.i'm facing 6 exams in this March.actually i don't mind to sit in the exam hall but why all the exams don't finish in few days time like how we do in summative.haih.after i finish my Orthopedic tmrw,i have to suffer till Friday and sit for my Community Healh Nursing.and then the Urology is waving hand to me on next monday again.ish.

My bu-tt is so impatient to stay in hostel anymore.i need someone bring me out for fresh air to energize me.;)

oh ya,if YOU are reading this.(i think most probably no,hee).i have to tell you I'm a Tao-ist/maybe Buddhist,of course i'm never discriminate other people's religion and i understand your job and purpose.It's just because i'm not really interest with it.and your visit is causing a big disturbance to me and my friends.hmm..and i pray to my dua pek gong or guang ying ma i'll not meet you anymore.

Fine.i have to con't my night with fracture bones and how to be a good nurse now.
Good night,readers!I love you.:)

Johnny Depp is Rango!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Just watched this "Rango"with Alice this Friday.hmm,actually i have no idea why i wanna watch this movie.maybe this poster caught my eyes and i think it will be another nice movie:) or maybe too stress due the exam so i need to get some fresh air.not really that bad but not that nice like how i imagined.this movie is trying to express something,and not-that-intelligent me can't get the meaning.haha.i think it try to tell you to find the true you.

Monday is having Orthopedic formative exam,and i feel so stress.notes is as thick as the french toast and the words inside it are so malnutrition.traction,fracture,fixation,TKR,bandage...hmm,so wanted to bandage myself now.zzzz.

Hmm,another malnutrition posts.enjoy your last 45mins weekend peeps.i love you!

who are you?


Friday, 11 March 2011





很多事情 不是誰說了就算
即使傷心 結果還是自己擔
事實證明 幸福很難
我們之間 不是誰說了就算
拉扯的愛 徒增結局的難堪
下一次 會更勇敢
當冬夜漸暖 當大海也不再那麼藍
當冬夜漸暖 當夏夜的樹上不再有蟬
那只是因為悲傷從來 都不會有答案
我們之間 不是誰說了就算
拉扯的愛 徒增結局的難堪
下一次 會更勇敢
當冬夜漸暖 當大海也不再那麼藍
當冬夜漸暖 當夏夜的樹上不再有蟬
那只是因為悲傷從來 都不會有答案
當冬夜漸暖 當青春也都煙消雲散
重要的是 我們如何愛過那一段


Thursday, 3 March 2011








Wednesday, 2 March 2011