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Kinda messy as like my hair.

Monday, 28 March 2011

hair is getting longer and out of style.

it make me look so auntie and ugly.i can't tolerate with messy hair already!
i wanna cut it before posting by this week!

it's monday tmrw,blue+exam mode is on.
luckily nandos is waiting for me on tuesday and i gonna to be squeeze out their whole extra hot peri-peri sauce.haha.
i want shopping,movie,delicious food and more private(means not occupied for exam or other meaningless activities) in this week.and also the following April.haha

took nap but still feel sleepy.
and just finished up my crispy dove chocolate bar.fatty me again.
Oh yea,me had a nice and pleasant sunday today!

gonna hide in my blanket and pillowSS soon.

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