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March,with laugh and tears.

Monday, 21 March 2011
Hey,March is gonna end in two weeks time soon.Time is passing fast and I'm getting older.

Actually,I'm not really doing well in this is getting harder and i have to describe as the life is killing me!!I'm always those emo people,write emo sentence,face also let people thought i'm diagnosed cancer-going to die soon.*touch wood touch emo cause lots of problem to me,and i always feel so sorry to my friends. they have to be my side when i'm down.

but to who people who reading this,don't you tortured by life too?friends,studies,course,posting,family,hostel,money,meals...*sigh.

whatever,my mood is superb nice now,so i'm not going to touch any unpleasant incident/maybe accidents which happenning recently.heeee:)

First,after waiting for so long,i finally bought a new laptop for myself!I'm not here to show off because i would like to share my happiness with you<3.i'm really happy to have mad in love my Apple Macbook Pro:)thanks mom and dad and me myself,haha!now there are another deleted item in my wishlist,so i'm gonna grab the rest greedy am i.

Till now,i'm so enjoy with capture the funny photo by using Photo booth.everytime looking back those ugly photos i'll laugh till die!!I share some with you.haha

Obese Me@Empire.

Fool me and sz in art/

 Alien me and lingling,haha.
i love this na!!

my youngest brother,huuuu!

Another thing and also the most important one,i got my Stefanie Sun's latest album too!initially i thought she wont release it in M'sia since we can't find in market on 8th Mac.somehow after days we bought it at popular bookstore with member's price,somemore there are free gift available too!oh my gosh,i'm fainted soon!haha!

It's the time to love you!!

I get my 21st birthday gift(still early i know,i'm july babe!)from my parents.
it's a must gift when you're 21,i know you know what is that.a key necklace.haha.

it means a lot to me anyway.i love it and sure i'll wear it to anywhere and anytime because it's a precious gift from my beloved parents.i always put them in first position,and i appreciate them to love me,protect me till today.if can,i wish to be their daughter again in next life...

So,it's still another month filled with happiness.
Be me and my friends..

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