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Fatty diary.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Oh,do you like big breakfast?haha.

I think you heard the news from Mcdonald that they are giving out the coupon(they do accept black and white printing),you can get two set of big breakfast for free when you spend rm5 and above,the promotion is still on going till 31 March:)

This is my lunch for today,hmm hmm,not only one,i get myself two set and it make me kinda disgustful.*puke.haha.the muffin is like rubber,the sausage is acceptable,the egg will be nicer if served when still warm.haha.initially i thought me myself can finish two set since i'm so starve like a wolf.and i start feel vomiting halfway already.and shuwei is "chopping" the scrambled eggs with her fork and act puking on it.see how grossly the breakfast is.

actually it's not that bad.maybe we bought it before 11 and only had it during lunch time.they are "cool-ed" under the aircond,that's why so yucky.i think i'll stop having it,but there still a voucher sleeping inside my wallet.wondering how should i do.hee.

me so unhealthy this two days.sigh.yesterday i had subway for my lunch and Mcd set for my dinner,fingers for snack and again Mcd for lunch today.fastfood is causing me fatter faster!!so i'll stay away from fast food from now.instead,i have almost consume 6 eggs within 12 hours.I'm stick with high cholesterol,high protein and high calorie now.

What should i eat during dinner time later?instant noodle maybe.another way to die faster.

Going to prepare my paediatric exam!
and i'm having another bright day today:D

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