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The Bee @ Jaya One.

Saturday, 1 October 2011
 A very expired food posts again,almost few weeks ago.

Visited to The Bee @ Jaya One.This was the first time been Jaya One and i find it is a good place since there is hostinga lot of nice restaurant,cafe and bar there:D

Cute and creative:)

Love the interior there.Very classic style and relaxing place.

My orange juice instead of tea/coffee.

The Bee Big Breakfast
but they serve beef bacon which i couldn't have:'( 

Truffled Scrambled Eggs

Churos with Chocolate Ganache
Sweet dessert.

Hmm,Let's have something lame
Don't fork me!!;D

4 comments on "The Bee @ Jaya One."
  1. been to bee before, the food there not bad ah :)

  2. Thanks for sharing awesome food blogs and will definitely try it out.....

  3. CleverMunkey:Yeah,it's nice!
    Anonymous:thanks for yr support always!
    E:It's around 15-25 i think if not mistaken:)