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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Days come and is changing everyday,time moving every moment,but somehow my heart still there,with the old thinking.i thought my mind will change since that day.i could be happier and at least i can concentrate in my studies.but i actually i consider i have immune and calm down to face every problem.

it's simple,just close your eyes,deep breath and smile inside your heart.and then forget.

but the pain gone,scar still still continue with what you carry with people,what i only think of  is "am i done something wrong and made people angry/upset without realise." "are they hating me?if not why the don't.../treat me like..."frankly,such of thoughts never ever leave me even only one minute when i 'm with people.i'm so worry doing something's damn stress and irritate my nervous system.

it's just need to sit there and zip you mouth.don't do anything.

do you know?i feel what i feel previously.i afraid and so scared.i dare not back to my place.i feel like crying when standing in front of my house.i need to go through it and challenge myself.

it's nothing happen before.

today,still a memorable date.

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