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Monday, 15 March 2010


Another new week start.not a very good Monday bad it was.

I'm not good in comfort people.i always know some people need a space/time to go through when down.but i forget--is SOME people,not everyone.maybe this is the biggest mistake i did.

She was crying there.and she is my close friend,and means a lot to me.but somehow i just dare not walk towards her,give her a warm hug or ask what is making her sad.i'm such a loser.

i'm scared and shy.i'm self-abased.

I worry actually i'm the person hurt people.I scare i'm not the person should take care of it,because they don't need mine.maybe they never take me as their friend too.and i much more scare of  I'm doing the wrong thing even i just just just wanna make them feel better.So,what hanjie can do is pass them a note/sms when everyone is done every procedure to cheer up people.this is the only way i can express my caring.for people,it's not truthful and sincere.

I still there,no matter what.really.

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