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Thursday, 25 March 2010

crying is not something bad for should feel happy when you still have tears and brave to cry it out all your sadness.i've buried it for such a long time.when i was released,it's a psycho.i was crying like this when i broke off with my ex instead of the having the toothache last time.

the closest one maybe not know you the most but still are the person that take care of you.but sometimes i lost direction in the complicated relationship.yes,i'm still typically adolescent like what ms.tang taught.i really take relationship as the most important thing in my life currently.i care about everything.of my friends.

my mood is swinging by them.when they close to me i'm flying but most of the time i feel i'm living in my own planet.a lonely planet.maybe i have a only closest friend accompany me in my planet.yes,i appreciate it still.because she make my life and give me hope.she never stop telling me i'm thinking too much and nobody isolated me.she keep giving me hope and never leave me when i'm in trouble.

today,i still afraid back to this place because i don't know how to facing people.maybe is me isolated myself.i feel like escape and give up everything i had now.i need space and supports...and i hope my dreams come true.

thank you so and wm.if not,i don't know what should i do and how am i now....
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