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Johnny Depp is Rango!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Just watched this "Rango"with Alice this Friday.hmm,actually i have no idea why i wanna watch this movie.maybe this poster caught my eyes and i think it will be another nice movie:) or maybe too stress due the exam so i need to get some fresh air.not really that bad but not that nice like how i imagined.this movie is trying to express something,and not-that-intelligent me can't get the meaning.haha.i think it try to tell you to find the true you.

Monday is having Orthopedic formative exam,and i feel so stress.notes is as thick as the french toast and the words inside it are so malnutrition.traction,fracture,fixation,TKR,bandage...hmm,so wanted to bandage myself now.zzzz.

Hmm,another malnutrition posts.enjoy your last 45mins weekend peeps.i love you!

who are you?

1 comment on "Johnny Depp is Rango!"
  1. i wan rango.
    i feel it interesting although feel through trailer onli.