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A lovely August.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Such a long time never blog.

I'm doing well here,peeps:)but life would be better if without those annoying drawings or assignments which have to squeeze out all my brain juice to get "creative ideas"!Plus,I'm too enjoying my life and i should start stopping myself from procrastination.I listed out my to-do list and there are almost 10+ assignments and presentation waiting for me,and I'm so unwanted to complete it.

I have no talent in sketching so that i hate ENBE most,and i have no comment to that lecturer.She seem like so enjoying talking to herself and we totally don't understand her alien language.
I can't think out of the box and i never train my left brain before so that i feel so suck in creative thinking skill subject.
I don't understand that why we must follow rules to produce an article in English class..
I don't know what is Economics talking about too:'(
 Left:HuiJoo and Eleanor
Right:HuiJoo,XiaoYang,Daniel and WeiJie

But so far so good,life is still goes on and luckily i met lots of new friends here.even though I'm hmm-hmm older than them,thanks god we still can communicate well:)and i find quite fun when doing works with my group mates,especially we still can laugh out loud during the discussion at least not so stress up.

I find myself change quite a lot since transferring to here.hmm,what i mean is not my personalities,and i consider it's a good thing for me.i will try my best to do better and love my course more.

It's just a process i need to gone through it.
Good things are always come after waiting,i believe it.

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