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Wednesday, 24 August 2011
Taylor's student look:P

We FNBE july intake students had just went site visit to National Art Gallery@Tmn Titiwangsa and the Museum.It didn't excite me since i understand there must be another new assignments for us.Hence today i have to complete the collage and sketches,sigh.i should complete all the sketches asap.fine,I'm far away from topic.I was damn sleepy during the journey since i didn't sleep well the previous night but i still manage have quite a fun time with my friends.

Hui Joo and Me.
We sit together and i consider she is the most closest friend in my uni life currently since we are in the same group and we almost spend whole day together.She is kind and warm:)

Random shot of the gallery.

Another cute girl i know:).Hmm,you should test her memory,hahaha.

Left and Right.

Heart this photo.<3

Wei Chiap(Julius)
My another group member.He is talented in drawing and i dislike when he say"I'm not good in drawing larrr."I enjoy telling jokes with him,hahahahaha.

Curi capture punya,shhhh.

I wonder what is this??

It would be quite scary if u can see so many little kids sit on the chair in circle....

No photography,but i don't care.

I whip my hair back and forth,oh my gosh.hahahahaha!

    Below start:Museum


Another Alice I just met:)


Lastly is my girls'photo and there are few i can't get the chance to have photo with them.but never mind i know this journey will be long and we have so many times and chances to make it out.:))

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