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Life is all about EAT!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hmm hmm,let me announce a great (maybe?) news first for everyone-month,"I'm gaining weight within one and it's 5kg!!"This photo shows that i never cheat,because i was so shocked too when i see this photo,i wonder since when my face look so chubby and my arms is so erm erm.

Went back to hometown and i finally stand on the weight scale,it showed "50.4kg".i was shouting inside my heart and weight myself again--it's so unbelievable.I told mom and she give me the face "don't cheat people larrr!"then ask me to prove her.haha.But i admit that i did eat quite a lot since i study in Taylors,haha.for sure,my wallet slimming down quite a lot too:P


Visited to The Boathouse@TTDI for dinner before i went back to hometown.It located next to Tom,Dick&Harry's,their style and outlook are quite look alike.I'm not really remember the dishes title but i know i feel full after had the dinner there.we order quite a lot and the portion is just nice.

Let me find out and add-on,hee.

I love this mushroon soup:)

 The spaghetti with potato ball,turkey ham...
but i can't find spaghetti inside XD

This is the most sinful!
sausages,the ham?,and the bacons,mashed potato all in one big plate.

I visited a lots of new places,new restaurants to satisfy my big stomach and i find myself back.Hanjie used to be that girl who eat non-stop and complaining "I'm hungry!!"and I'm back now:))

Anyone wanna bring me for buffet?i guarantee this time i won't let them earn my money!:P

Glad to say,I met lots of new friends and people in/outside my school and they make my life.I treasure and appreciate what I'm having now,indeed.

I love you all

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  1. awesome post. Thanks for sharing