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Another different Sunday.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011
Went to Central Park@Bandar Utama during last and Eileen planned to have photo shooting there but too bad we woke up too late and missed it.i'm willing to been there if got chance because i'm so excited with those cutties. can see Schnauzer,Poodle,golden retriever,giwawa,bla-bla..they are so energetic,active,playful and adorable.i brought my dog there too,and mine is the cutest baby there,dang-dang it's my anak Patrick.hahaha:P

how i wish i can have them and sayang them,hmmm.i'm gonna have a dog,a naughty cat and cute bunny in future,hahaha!though the pets can't talk,can't speak your human language,can't dating with you but they are always your best friends,i believe that they can feel what you feel and understand what you talking about.and they won't leave you unless you dump them.oh ya,please don't do that,so jek-ak!

So innocent,yo/

Hyperactive you.

After that,we heading to Tom,Dick&Harry's @TTDI for brunch.once again,i love that place so muchie too,because the big breakfast was just too nice.i would like to give them a high rate,haha.i love the environment there,relaxing and i feel so light and dump all the stupid and annoying minds to make me flying on the sky.

 The breakfast i think is nice,that's why she open her mouth so big.haha

Eileen told me that the breakfast is only available during weekend.

My patrick is trying to commit suicide.haha food finally served.BIG AMERICAN BREAKFAST.huge plate of baked beans,2 sausages,hash browns,2 sunny side up,crispy bacon,mushrooms,sauted tomato and toasted bread with butter.I had my subway for breakfast before went to Central Park but i still managed to finish up all these,hee!

 Drooling again!damn hungry now.
See,Patrick almost climb to the plate and curi makan.but so bad Patrick in non-halal and he need to fasting right now,haha.Kidding only,Patrick is always follow me to enjoy mum-mum.

drink occasionally.
at least this never make me bloated.

I'm so hungry and craving for food right now!
Gaining weight and i should weight myself soon.haha.
You know what.I trust food more than people,because they always satisfy me and will never let me down.;P

Photo credited by Eileen and her D90.

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