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Meow meow here & arff arff there

Friday, 6 January 2012
Take me home,meow~

I'm kinda bored in home during this sem-break.All my brothers back to school and there is the only pity me in home with parents.sigh,how wish i have a companion now since there is not much entertainment in hometown.

I'm bored with my facebook,drama and Ipad games,somehow i need a real living stuff with me.Hence,i think back of my dreams--own a pet,kitten?hahaha.There are friends used to describe me look like a cat,hmmm because of my eyes?doubt it.but i do know there are numbers of people love doggie more than the proud look cat.I love both and my bunny,haha!

I promise myself to have a doggie when i able to afford,or own my own place.So i can let the cutie run all over my place.Lying on my thigh,acc me watching tv together.Or he will wagging his short tail,jumping when heard me back from work.

When I'm feeling down,he will looking at me with the big,round innocent eyes.Telling me that he will be there for me no matter what.He would be the best listener or companion,i believe.Dog is a man's best friend and we all know the dog loyalty can reach a fascinating level.
This tiny things will gonna be my best friends,best partner and my dearest kid.

My kitty and puppy will be the best friend
I'm going to train my doggie to sayang the kittie with all his love.hahaha!

Sad to tell,i can only afford the hot dog currently:P

and the Snoopy in my Ipad!!

It's ok,something better than nothing.hahahahahahahaha!!

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  1. Eh I thought u have a fatty piggie.....anyway enjoy your holiday cos soon, u will get back to.your hectic schedule