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New year=new resolutions?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

It's finally another new year.

wth,im 22 from now.

I spent my most of my time for travelling between KL and Johor in this new year and new month.Journey is tiring and the only best thing is it's not my time yet to back to Uni:D.Thanks god that i have another month to enjoy my precious holiday for being a non-stop eating pig or sleeping beauty,hahaha!

New year means need to have new year resolutions? usual,i will wish everyone surround me stay healthy and happy.For me,i wish i can get better grade in studies and enroll into degree programme smoothly.else,wishing my life can get better with lesser hard feeling and tears,sounds so simple yet so difficult.

I did set a wish-list for myself last year,and i realise that i get everything in my list surprisingly/some not in the list when i check back on it.*HAPPY!I'm not going to be a greedy girl this year.I promise myself to save more money in this new year.Main reason-- i'm gonna killed by mom if i continue to shop.haha.So i pray hard that there is no world end in 2012,if not where am i going to spend my money,lol.

Actually,i still feel the same.Life is hard and you will never get what you want in your life always. to stay positive?any idea?

Anyway,happy belated new year!!
2012,please be nice to me!!!!

1 comment on "New year=new resolutions?"
  1. live each day positively, happily and smartly...u will always be in my prayers when it comes to making wishes come true.... LOL !