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Feed me food!

Sunday, 26 February 2012
 It was a sunny Sat,went to Ben's @Klcc to treat my tummy a feast since she never feel satisfied recently.#kuatmakan.After taking me so long time,finally i step into the restaurant.The ambience is nice with the soft music,for sure the food here is awesome too!

Can you find your fav from here?:)

 Beverage menu

 Ang moh family breakfast.

 Pesto spaghetti and apple everflower juice.

 Coffee,tea or me ;)

 Spicy buffalo wings
Oh i like chicken wings all the time!!

Chunky mushroom soup.
What a huge portion!

 Mushroom chicken pie.

We ordered too much and can't finished it at all though the foods are so nice.I'm quite satified but the service here should have some improvement.

Dang-rang-rang,and then we went to Charlie Brown's cafe for Hi-Tea.Was much excited since I'm the snoopy fans and i'm thinking that playing my Snoopy Street's fair while sitting inside must be very coooooooool,lol.hahahaha.

Are you ready?

 Ceiling lamp.
Woodstock is always the cutest yellow birdie,hee!

The food here are ermmmmmm normal,and kinda expensive.They should have something special on food.I'm kinda disappointed on this because i feel im just dine in in a different theme cafe without any surprise#failed.Inside is quite packed with the self-service customers and staff,feeling suffocating.Hmm,anyway just another new things in life haha!Perhaps the flagship in Penang nicer than this:D

Sushi was fed during dinner,instant noodle for supper and Prosecco#drinker.
One and half bowl of Spicy Pan mee plus Coffee Bean and Ninja Joe,now munching my Japanese Pizza,mum mum....

But truth is i never feel full!!!:(
Feed me please!

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