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Antonelli Crossaints

Monday, 27 February 2012
  Bought this Antonelli Croissants in Mercato@Pavillion last weekend.Maybe i'm one of the katak di bawah tempurung,i never see croissants can be "preserved" and "packed",considered as instant food.I always thought croissants should be fresh made and come out warm from the oven,lol.

It comes with chocolate filled, and also apricot flavour if not mistaken.

One pack cost me for rm9.99,which contain 8 croissants inside.hmmm, rm10/8=rm1.25 each,still reasonable for my daily breakfast with hot milo;O

So today i tried it!!

I heat up it by microwave since i want the "just freshly baked"croissants.It tasted ok,but a bit dry maybe due to the long preservation.Chocolate filled is just nice and rich:)

Anyway,freshly baked breads is still the best and this could be always be the backup in bags or travelling.esp people who like me#foreverhungry.Another nice unhealthy food again.but still,it's difficult to find any food which is "healthy"and "safe" in the market nowadays.People will still die someday,eat first then only think,haha!!

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  1. i also want....looks so nice....yummy...