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I'm back

Wednesday, 4 July 2012
Blogger is kinda stupid because i found my latest post was disappeared like it nv updated and i have to rewrite it.#wth

Yeah,as you seen,I've redesigned my blog background and hmm re-link for my blog too.Well idk,maybe I'm too free and relax therefore I think I should start my blogging life like how I used to be.

You know,when the social network become indispensable in yr life,actually it's kinda scary.You have too much platform to share yr current status and upload the photos anytime and causes me have lesser time and chance to look deeper and think from different view indirectly.and yeah,not to mention,studies had also eaten up most of my time for this half year.

 Bla bla bla so much is just wanted to say,sorry C'estLaVie.i neglected you too long and I have such a long time never feed my readers(perhaps there are some at least,I hope)Who know I will addicted to that photography apps which contains so much interesting filters,lol!INSTAGRAMS is my bloggie's most threatening enemy lol!!here come some little ads-follow me @hanjiechia

It's July and i wish everything goes well since it suppose to be a great month for me.but still,no expectation no disappointment.The most important things is still score better in the final exam and enroll the degree course in Sept.Now i spend my sem break at hometown but this is the ohmygod place for me.I miss home but i can't stay the place without entertainment and fooooodssss!Sem break is nice but killing me :///////

Truth is i can't type back the exactly same previous post.That's all for this time and all crap i know!

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