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I own Xiao Bai for a day!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I was too bored at home then my mom said i can "had" her friend's poodle for a day or perhaps help taking care for her few days since she will be at outstation.I was extremely excited because it is my dream to own a doggie!How lovely is she;D

Once stepped into my house,he acted like the investigator and running here and there in my house.I think she is excited to meet me because i'm as playful as like her,lol!I got her two pinky fluffy toys and start playing with him.She is energetic and eventually i'm more tired than him haha.This doggie is too clever,he will start stick to you when he saw you holding a plate or munching,what a great food detector haha.You must be strong enough to resist the big round puppy eyes and avoid to feed him human foods.

After playing for few hours,he tired i also tired.He realized that no people going to bother him anymore and hide under the table and rest.haha.Very soon,I found him at the doorstep looking outside with the emo face and i think he start missing home already.If not he will came to me and bark and lead me to the door like telling me "Please bring me home!!"

Who knows,this little thingy ran out from the door once my dad back from work and I'm also rushed out from home and chasing him on the big road.The worst thing is the more you call his name he ran even faster lol.Luckily he found his spot to pee then i only managed to carry him home.Or else i will killed by the owner.Still,it doesn't belong to me.

This Xiao Bai was totally fully recharged in outdoor.I tied him and walk him within the gate and let him play on my grass.Maybe he kept in indoor too long and never take a fresh air hence he looked even happier and cute.Not like other doggie,he kinda obey to me and never made noise when i brought him home.Perhaps i'm the person spoil him,he started to follow me everywhere and be my little pengikut haha.Well,the feeling is not bad!

Actually my dad hate pets and Xiao Bai is too brave to go near my dad.I think my dad failed to resist the little cute things and he also started play with him haha.Tell me who can resist their puppy face!!!especially the face he begging for ba gua from my dad,how adorable he is.Tam Chiak dog!

Eventually Xiao Bai still back to his owner's side and i feel so empty once i said goodbye to him.He had given me a very special day in my life and help me passed one of the boring day in my sem break.I want a doggie badly:(
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