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Shogun Japanese Buffet@One-U

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hi,here i come again.there's such a long time never post something about FOOD.actually i had tried much more restaurants and unique dishes,especially during cny.

this time i went SHOGUN japanese buffet@One-U.this is not the first time i visit shogun,and i've tried other japanese buffet around KL area like Tenji,and  Jogoya.but now i prefer shogun more because it's a wonderful place for sushi-lover who is like me!!they have all sorts of sushi choice!!

and during this cny festival they have prepare"lou shang".

and they have this melon and peach apricot flavour ice cream,this bring me to paradise!!the peach apricot smell like my lotion which i apply on my leg!hahaha!!

I would like to visit there again!!

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