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Joshi Josh@Empire Gallery,Subang Jaya

Saturday, 25 September 2010
Visit to Joshi Josh@Empire Gallery,Subang Jaya.I had taken a simple dinner before and it impressed me a lot.hmm,i miss the herbal tea,so i pay another visit again:)there are people surfing net,chatting and working in relax mode.the environment is comfortable and make myself isolated from the stress life.

unfortunately it was a rainy day,but still a nice view through the windows.

Here is my herbal tea,rm2.90.i understand is just a instant drink from them.but i still love it.

Mushroom cream soup,rm4.9

Shuzhen's lamb chop,rm16.90.
i never taste lamb but according to her the portion is okay and it taste nice.

and my roasted chicken.,rm13.90.I was "Whoaaah" when it served.because i never know it is 1/2 chicken and looks nice.heehee.but once i knife it,it told me the chicken is not fresh and the meat is dry and tasteless.i'm quite disappointed.but anyway i still can finish it.almost;P.besides,their mashes potato is nice;D

Eating also dreaming,so hopeless.X)

Ok,the recent me.ignore my pimple and the tired face.

from day to night.haha.i wonder how long i stayed there.

Here come something when relaxing in the mall.
 According to the notice,this 5-storey-high-slide will start operating on 1st excited i wanna try it.because i like slide.hahaha.

Their toilet!!is really amazing design.i like it also!!
you should go and releasing your bowel happily there.haha

A simple photo of the day.:)

Back to reality and fight for my exam.bye.

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