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Life is the art of drawing without an eraser♥

I can't erase the memories just like that.

Sunday, 19 June 2011
I'm so boring for staying at home.

no friends,no pearl milk tea,no shopping,no pig-shot competitors,no without them is sucks.i want go back asap,please.anyway i have responsibility to pay what i've done.perhaps it's not too late yet.Regret is always the most suffering punishment.

I'm fine here,people.times and reality always cure the hurt and scar,tears bring all the memories away.I'll try my best to get well soon,i promise.
Because i really miss my crazy girls in Sunway.

So do i pass my time by sleeping,facebook,iphone,net shopping,tv....lifeless right.i do have a really bad habit since i join college.whenever i have bad mood,i'll shop and make myself "enjoy" the temporary happiness.sometimes it works but it's should saved,i always tell myself.sigh.
Fleharty from ALDO:D

Craving for a red flat for such a long time.Fall in love with RED catchs people's eyes easily but it aware you "Warning:Don't come near me!" also,haha.anyway,i need a red shoes because it's adorable.

Argh,there are so many thing in my wish-list still..

I'm a greedy person.and i wonder who should i be in future to earn big bucks."I wanna be a billionaire,so freaking bad!buy a lot of things i never had."YEAH,Travie McCoy is right.

Found this ads on newspaper,and i shouting in my heart"I wanna go new zealand!"but don't know when can do it and who wanna go with me.i should find a travel kaki then fly with me everywhere unlucky my brother have to sit for spm,if not i can go with him:(
Hope can have another taiwan trip in this dec again.i should book air-ticket and my brother early,heee!or anyone wanna join?;D

Actually,i wish someday i can go NZ to study abroad also.there is a nice and peaceful country.i should live in a slow motion country to treat my maybe i can marry a handsome,brave and strong guai lou also,haha.we can running freely on the green and chasing the meh-meh sheep everyday,and then lying down,holding each other hand and enjoy the sunset on the hill everyday...wahhh,such romantic!

 I feel too stress..i need a space to breathe,a shoulder to cry on...

I have no idea what am i doing.because i never know what i want actually.

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