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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Life is hard.this is what i get since i experienced everything tough.the hardest is i left home when i was only 13 and everything is become harder due to this.i have to be independent,strong,think critically,tough, should/would,depend on you.and i always thought i 'would',but actually i should be the why,because i fail and i'm almost 20 now.

this is the very first time i feel so helpless and  my doomsday is coming.what i only know is crying and crying for almost two days.and i still need to pretend happy and cheerful in front people,means"I'm better now."the temporary happiness maybe work and turn into real happiness.but still fake and you can roll to the endless bottom me.

i hate myself for being observe everything in "micro" way,and sixth sense is always right,and everyday query query inside my heart,seriouly i can't afford it anymore.i hope somebody can rescue me far far farrrrrrrrrrrr away.i feel like dying and me completely hurt...

i'm a adolescent.searching for identity and relationship between friends is 100% important,for me.even i failed in this subject with very bad result.i don't know whether give up or remain.i hate myself so much.i'm living without any target.

i worry i'm melancholic.

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