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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

feel so FRESH after cut my hair.i can feel the air swinging and embracing my neck=D.look so chubby.

The head become so light because less burden now.maybe 0.5kg,i think.indirectly it refresh my mind and de-stress me lot.but the next minute i start to imagine their oh my god face.haha.i told them i won't cut my hair short before and i promise.but my decision changed when the barber keep telling me i should have a hair treatment and hear my frizzy hair was singing "ziiii..ziii...ziii" when cutting it.

i feel so nervous during the almost one and half hour.yeap,one and half hour.haha.the longest time i use.the barber also suffering there.because i really crazy when making the i only know laughing and laughing there.haha.feel like laughing like a psycho again.i enjoy it=D because i'm so wanted to see my new hairstyle even if it's bad.but i love  it still.Thanks,nic.

maybe long hair look nicer.i  know.i love long hair too.haih,i don't know what to do also,waiting for another one and half year.sorry girls.when looking at your face expression,me feel so surprise too.


there are too many things happened recently and i feel so hard.seriously hope everything can be dumped and threw it away far far if possible.i should quit the game.i tried and still trying.hope i could be better and i don't want make people sad anymore.i afraid looking people upset kinda lost if they are esp those closer to me.i'm not good in comfort people yet.sorry.get happier people,for you and me.

love ya
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