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New beginning.

Monday, 19 April 2010
Change a new layout,so i should have a brand new frame of mind.Healthy and optimistic mind.and make my life being colourful like the rainbow,the flower rain is falling inside my heart,and the dark side is subsided because of the bright sun.hope i really can do it.

today is the first day of my clinical posting.all still remain the same---bored.but the group member is different and we are follow the new's ok i tell myself.i can work with new people and learn more from experience also;D


3 clinical assessment+procedure assessment+2 case study+uncountable crosses+summative is waiting for me!!like the tsunami.Doooooom~ then i gone.:(((

i have lots to tell but somehow i become so speechless suddenly.haih.see you guys tomorrow.

Thanks Tai today.
He told me that i'm not Washington so i can't demand everyone love me so.nice description,tai=D

so i should control my lacrimal gland from today,she is tired of working for me for weeks.
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