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yes or no

Saturday, 1 May 2010

I'm so scare to hear people saying "NO" to me,but i would do the same if you ask me this.

It's ok,i told myself.
i should adapt and accept it since very early but i didn't.
maybe i'm asking the not very right suggestion/invitiation/anything at the right time.
maybe the reason you say 'no' to me is because i'm the person asking for.
maybe...maybe..maybe...everytime i will hunt so many appropriate reasons for you.
because i know it's my own psychological problem.i'm sick people.
I just wanna have something fun and memories and make us all closer.but i won't do so anymore since there are too many complications everytime once i voice out.

I just can't afford the two little alphabets'n'&'o'
hence,I give up.
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