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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Just bought a new spec for myself to welcome my coming classes.Haha,actually no:P.The old one was totally tortured by her owner and dying there now,so gonna replace it.

It ain't easy to get a spec which suit your face and eyes,anyone agree?plus i'm so hate to put something on my nose and blocking my side visual field,it is too annoying!!haha.i have tried almost 10+ specs in shop andl uckily i meet this and recommended by the lady.She is kind and cute,helping me "moving"all the specs from the display windows and gave me quite a lot of suggestions and ideas.

Anyway,after so many years i'm still dislike to wear spec in public.i feel i'm aged like an aunty in pasar or a teacher.zzzz/==".hahahahaha.even though i have bought this new spec,i think i'll only wear it when during classes,tv and movie time or driving.heee,wasting money right?

Never ever suggest me to try contact lens.wingmei will know why,there are lots of stories between me and contact lens.hmph,terrible!

So,i'm so happy to be a devil now:)
Thanks mom once again

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