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After exam:)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010
FRI 01-10-10@The Curve

After the exam,then i went to the curve and ikano + ikea.
Initially thought wanna sing K but eventually give up the plan just simply walk around here and there.go daiso,go popular,go let people and stuff shopping me;) know why?because we all finnally get the allowance from sponsored.hmmm,so touch when the amount WAS increased.yea,seriously i mean WAS...

After that,we had our dinner at the Cafe&Restaurant Ikea.frankly,i don't really like the food there and wonder why so many people love dine in there.i think because of the beef meat ball?but so sad i don't take beef.and i only love the chicken wings there.

Nice chicken wing:D

Sour and cold marcaroni.but i mircowave it:)

This is what i've spend that night/still have 2 ikea bowl not inside the photo/

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