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Tuesday, 5 October 2010
Went Midvalley along shuzhen and waon tyng.My main purpose is Isetan for my Ettuasais and spend my Sunday time.I felt bit bored since the sales was past and stuffs are attracting me but all the sales were ended and i sakit hati for my,just quickly walk away!haha.didn't brought back anything for these 2 days,so sad.instead of shopping,better feed my never-satisfied-stomach with food.

Actually i bought the cleanser soap and pimpel gel only.the rest of bottles including the eye shadow are FREE!!anyway i hope all of these will work on my stupid pimplish acne face=(*pray...

I'd tried out the durian/cempedak pancake@Scruptious Dessert.situated at the walk thru from midvalley to Gardens.The durian flesh and light cream was wrapped inside and it is just too nice.worth to try!!Jiaujun also love it,right?haha.

After that,we had out lunch@Deli France.Deli France've impressed me,but not due to the good reason.They always looked so silence without any customer inside so i wonder the food whether okay=P.

but we all were surprised when passed by the promotion menu with rm6.00 spaghetti with one scoop of free ice-cream.and you can add-on rm3 for another soup of the day or soft drinks.hmmm,we're so aunty but still worth to try without hesitated and lazy to search for another place we just walked in.
here is our orders:

The Soup.

This cheese bake rice was mine,rm10.not bad.the portion is good for me since it'll feel disgusting if overtake the chessy rice.*puke.haha.

wt's spaghetti.forgetted the name.


Strawberry,Chocolate and Vanilla is the perfect ending for today:)

-but not our friendship:)

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