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Saturday, 23 October 2010

hmm,that day was wednesday and too glad that it was holiday for us.means,no need go to hospital facing the devil woman or go back college for i've played since late tuesday till the whole wednesday.hence i decide go to my longing&dreaming restaurant "The Apartment" for lunch.because for now i only can afford the weekdays promotion lunch set,hee:P

The Quick Lunch comes with one starter+soup of the day+main course+ice lemon tea/ice can have the rm13.90/3m15.90/rm23.90 set.

Starter-Vege Salad
yerr,i don't like vege.

Soup of the day
Once served,heart turn cold since i see the colour and it telling me 'I'm pumpkin soup'os:i hate pumpkin!!but still need to finish it right.and i fed myself one little sip and it taste amazing.not really pure pumpkin soup but more to tomato soup!i think this is the best thing i had today:)

Chicken Fillet with Avocado and Tumeric Salsa know it's a great value meal!!it really taste nice with the mash potato between it.

Chicken Wrap
you know what,a small plastic piece was found inside the wrap!it cut the mouth and we'd complained about it.but they seem like not taking any action and with a so untruely sorry.

wait,something worse happened!please rolled your mouse down!

i feel comfortable to dine with the good service and perfect environment.the interior design is nice and can have the bed corner,bathroom corner,library corner..and the bar make me drunk even not taking it!

somehow after had my lunch and i walked and looked around the restaurant by taking some photo.and a foreigner was sitting and talking with the ?manager.he asked me why am i taking photo around the restaurant.i simply answered him "i just simply take it."and the stupid reason he gave me was i might steal the restaurant idea and copyright reserved.

i wondered is there a "no photography"signage is putting there and i'm not mentioned about it.NO!did the staff warned me i'm not allowed to take photo while i stepped in?NO!

i was so regret i just leave there without any words.i should complain his food with what stupid tuppperware plastic pieces!ish,i should sound out once he talked so rude to me!he totally ruined my mood and i'm not give any compliment to the nice food and nice service anymore!!

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