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Cooking Mama

Saturday, 15 January 2011
Cooking Mama Online Games for Girls

Here it is,my new favourite-Cooking Mama.Peiboon call it"Pu ki mama."not a nice word.haha.I'm really getting bored with the Restaurant City.earn money and on the shift,upgrade the dishes to get limited item...zzzz.i think Cooking Mama is familiar to everyone,since it is the video game for NDS,Wii,can be found in Iphone/Ipod.and the great news is it now available in Facebook also!

Why i find it nicer than other restaurant game?not like RC,you can be the role like mother here and IS YOU YOURSELF PREPARING THE FOOD TO SERVE!means,you cut the ingredient,you mix them,and then boil or bake them following the mama's instruction.It ain't difficult,you just need your finger and mouse to control it!

Come,i show you.
This is the loading page and come with the cute melody.
If you are the very fresh beginner,don't can handle the game by the gicen tuturial:)

 How to make money?for sure you need to choose your dishes to serve.the higher lvl dishes will earn more money and xp.

Next,choose the shift you want to do buisness:)yea,as it show,shorter meal will earn you more.and for the 30 minutes shift is free!!and it's better spend the money to buy the ingredient.

You can also help out your friends' kitchen to earn.

And the better thing is they giving you task to complete and once you goal,you can earn the extra money(It's lots)or mama money.

Well,this is how you prepare a drink.
Just pour them into a cup with not lesser or over the red line so you can earn more xp and high score.

Eg,how to make"Eggs Over Easy".
1,Crack the eggs.

2,Butter the pan.

Cook the eggs by moving your mouse right left right left

Come,here is the result i got:)

Hope you like this game as well:)
It's Saturday,have a nice day...

1 comment on "Cooking Mama"
  1. I'm playing this too.....any idea how to earn Mama money beside lvl up?

    those chocolate costs too much mama money.... :(

    add me if u wish to....

    no frds to try the menu