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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Today is 12-01-2010.not a really special day,but is KENNY ROGERS' day!On this day,you can wear in red or bring anything in red so you can enjoy the buy one free Kenny Quater Meal.It's only day so we definitely won't miss it.That's why there is so CNY in my class and pink and red,so bright!

I was not there during order and the meal were served once i reached there.i'm so shock to see all the plate were served in same dishes.There were a black pepper grilled chicken,mashed potato,baked beans,and coleslaw.

They said the stupid waiter said we are too much people(17 of all) so all will in same side dishes to save time.oh my gosh,we and you are not rushing time what,and it's just only 5'o clock,your kitchen is so that busy?i saw you almost 5 waiters so free chatting there...

Guess what is this?

Special recipe from them.their new product--beef meat ball.and they are not selfish to tell us how to make it.

first,take their muffins(vanilla and choco),put into your mouth enjoy it and remember not to swallow it.when it become mash and use your tongue to make it in round shape.ready in a spoon and put inside the black pepper sauce plate.

Lastly,give to peiboon,she sure will bite them!!hahahahaha!!!

Anyway,i love nando's most!!

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