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One Utama,Ikea for Fun!

Saturday, 22 January 2011
Hmm,today we drove to One-U for (?).status:not clear
but still a quite enjoyable day with my classmate,at least i did.hope others have the same feeling too.they all look so tired face,oops.

Hmm,i'm paparazzi

We just simply walk here and there.the great thing for me is i bought a so-cheap jeans in Cotton On today.thanks god i found my size and it only left one!!happy to max!

we decided have our dinner in Ikea.yea,my all time whole spring chicken!chicken wings!oo-mai-god!

hmm,hope woan tyng feel better.

i'll spending my time with my family and celebrating for my grandpa's birthday which fall on Sunday.i think the most wonderful thing is still can feel and get love from your i gonna cherish this 2 days:)

hope you having a perfect weekend,i love you!

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